Shank Half/Portion Ham Carving Instructions

The shank is the lower potion of the leg of the hog. It is often shaped more like a funnel and it has a piece of the femur and of course, a shank bone. It can often be very flavourful and not that difficult to carve.

1. With the thicker piece of meat – the “cushion” meat – on top, use a fork to steady the ham and cut along the top of the bone to loosen the boneless cushion meat.

2. Place the cushion meat carved-side down on the cutting board and cut in perpendicular slices. Transfer slices to a serving platter.

3. Turn the remaining meat carved-side down and remove large boneless sections in the same fashion as above. Place boneless sections, as they are removed, on the cutting board and cut in perpendicular slices in the same manner as for the cushion meat.

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